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JP-WO2008142752-A1: トレイ格納装置及び電子部品試験装置 patent, JP-WO2009025339-A1: Igbt用のシリコン単結晶ウェーハ及びigbt用のシリコン単結晶ウェーハの製造方法 patent, JP-WO2012005242-A1: 画像処理装置及び画像分割方法 patent, JP-WO2012029690-A1: 樹脂組成物、プリプレグ、および積層板 patent, JP-WO2013005288-A1: 車両の制御装置 patent, JP-WO2013129469-A1: 溶液の攪拌方法 patent, JP-WO2014002776-A1: 同義語抽出システム、方法および記録媒体 patent, JP-WO2014038018-A1: 非接触給電装置 patent, JP-WO2014042105-A1: ストレッチラベル patent, JP-WO2014050542-A1: 電池用包装材料 patent, JP-WO2014109064-A1: ハイブリッド車両及びその制御方法 patent, JP-WO2014148401-A1: 押出成形装置及び押出成形方法 patent, JP-WO2014162385-A1: 発光装置 patent, JP-WO2015064118-A1: 変流器支持装置及びその変流器支持装置を用いたスイッチギヤ patent, JP-WO2015163138-A1: 無線センサ装置 patent, JP-WO2015181974-A1: 部品データ生成装置及び表面実装機並びに部品データ生成方法 patent, JP-WO2016027659-A1: 巻線型コイル部品の製造方法 patent, JP-WO2016159085-A1: 酸化物触媒の製造方法、及び不飽和ニトリルの製造方法 patent, US-2001011214-A1: CPU core development support system, method for development support and recording medium storing a development support program thereof patent, US-2001021172-A1: Transmission system, transmitter and receiver patent, US-2002015523-A1: Image signal processing device and image signal processing method patent, US-2002070282-A1: Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk patent, US-2002084981-A1: Cursor navigation system and method for a display patent, US-2002094848-A1: Method and system for providing power to a communications device patent, US-2002097454-A1: Color measurement with distributed sensors in a color hard copy apparatus patent, US-2002122255-A1: Method of manufacturing diffractive optical element patent, US-2002139425-A1: Pulsed width modulation of 3-way valves for the purposes of on-line dilutions and mixing of fluids patent, US-2002145898-A1: Voltage conversion apparatus patent, US-4199886-A: Guns patent, US-2002155648-A1: Edge and bevel cleaning process and system patent, US-2002159398-A1: Spanning tree control unit in the case of trouble or increase and method thereof patent, US-2002172252-A1: Semiconductor laser module patent, US-2002176490-A1: Single ended line probing in DSL system using transformerless hybrid patent, US-2002183690-A1: Syringe for automatic injection of an extemporaneous mixture patent, US-2002197579-A1: Lighter of multiple torch flames patent, US-2002199092-A1: Split history tables for branch prediction patent, US-2003012282-A1: Method for efficient low power motion estimation of a video frame sequence patent, US-2003044489-A1: Dough extrusions for producing baked products having multiple textures patent, US-2003079770-A1: Thermoelectric hetrostructure assemblies element patent, US-2003093057-A1: Methods and formulations for photodynamic therapy patent, US-2003105891-A1: Programmable controller patent, US-2003106232-A1: Dimension-measuring column and method for entering a command to switch the measure mode in such a column patent, US-2003110261-A1: Data base access method and system in management information base of network management protocol patent, US-2003110379-A1: Application gateway system, and method for maintaining security in a packet-switched information network patent, US-2003120718-A1: Identifying a physical device's avatar using a unique, substantially non-removable communication identifier patent, US-2003121781-A1: Hybrid film type sensor patent, US-2003123974-A1: Frame hub heating system patent, US-2003124034-A1: Catalytic cracking reaction-regeneration system patent, US-2003126554-A1: Document exchange among business-to-business (B2B) partners using meaningful extensible mark-up language (XML) patent, US-2003131919-A1: Method for simultaneously imprinting a pattern and bonding cellulose webs using ultrasonic energy patent, US-2003137091-A1: Suspension stop device patent, US-2003172001-A1: Information providing system, information providing method, storage medium and program patent, US-2003173304-A1: Fluid treatment apparatus patent, US-2003175500-A1: Polymer coating for rubber articles patent, US-2003176200-A1: Call handling device for controlling wireless connections with wireless communications devices patent, US-2003178189-A1: Stacked heat exchanger patent, US-2003179159-A1: Solid state image sensor with signal line potential adjustment circuit and method of driving the same patent, JP-4555884-B1: 可動型情報収集装置 patent, JP-4601714-B1: マンホールの浮上防止構造およびマンホールの浮上防止方法 patent, JP-5334224-B1: 容器 patent, JP-5500303-B1: 監視システム、監視方法、監視プログラム、ならびに該プログラムを記録した記録媒体 patent, JP-5607271-B1: 撹拌装置 patent, JP-5789060-B1: 作業車両用バケット及びそのバケットを備える作業車両 patent, JP-5802914-B1: 流動体搬送装置 patent, JP-5990626-B1: 原子層成長装置 patent, JP-6004297-B1: 乗除算そろばん patent, JP-6068697-B1: 端末装置、データ配信システムおよび配信制御方法 patent, JP-6111369-B1: 鉄筋コンクリート構造物の補強構造 patent, JP-6114867-B1: 界面活性剤組成物 patent, JP-6181332-B1: 複数橋の床版同時取替工法 patent, KR-100558735-B1: Shock absorbing apparatus for a sliding door patent, KR-100576843-B1: 열전소자를 이용한 분별증류장치 patent, KR-100577304-B1: 액정표시장치 patent, KR-100583651-B1: Method for packaging light transmission module patent, KR-100605512-B1: Semiconductor memory device and memory system comprising the same patent, KR-100608767-B1: 휴대단말기의 표시정보 스트림 제어장치 및 방법 patent, KR-100610663-B1: 테스팅 광파장을 이용한 광선로 감시 시스템 patent, KR-100614226-B1: Method for manufacturing compression part of an orbiting vane compressor patent, KR-100619410-B1: Fluorescent lamp with high efficiency patent, KR-100623251-B1: 다결정 실리콘 박막의 제조 방법 및 이를 사용하여제조되는 다결정 실리콘을 사용하는 박막 트랜지스터 patent, KR-100624216-B1: Processing apparatus and wafer processing method patent, KR-100628422-B1: 광 기록 매체 및 광 기록 재생 장치 patent, KR-100641622-B1: Device for fastening a turbocharger to a base patent, KR-100647513-B1: 선격자 편광판용 나노패턴 몰드 및 이의 형성 방법 patent, KR-100649728-B1: 트롤리의 안티 스웨이 장치 patent, KR-100652111-B1: Composition method and apparatus for low-speed voyage patent, KR-100654605-B1: Multi Vacuum chamber System for drying of FPD glass patent, KR-100661193-B1: 발신자 정보를 이용한 메시지 요청 서비스 방법 patent, KR-100661545-B1: 유무선 전화기의 다이얼링 원격 제어 방법 patent, KR-100666480-B1: Self Crosslinked Foamed Polyester resin component and with this produced forming patent, KR-100668862-B1: Recess channel transistor and method for forming the same patent, KR-100670824-B1: Backlight assembly for LCD patent, KR-100671736-B1: Method, terminal and system for multi-mode location tracking patent, KR-100675038-B1: Backlight assembly of liquid crystal display patent, KR-100676253-B1: Method for formation play list of disc patent, KR-100681705-B1: Water-in-oil type cosmetic composition comprising fatty alcohol and cellulose alkyl ether patent, KR-100683020-B1: 실리카 졸 자동 제조장치 patent, KR-100690725-B1: 위성방송수신기의 채널 전환 장치 patent, KR-100692380-B1: Heat treatment apparatus of in-line type for flat panel display patent, KR-100692508-B1: Manufacturing-method of toothbrush with brush containing functional material and toothbrush thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, 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